Pride Month🥰🌈

Just noticed it’s been one year and one month since I began writing this blog! And I’ve noticed not written anything here for two months! So a small offering of words and pictures😊
Since inter-county travel restrictions have lifted have got to see some family and friends. It was so so wonderful especially since my Dad was ill for some time. I am so grateful he is still here and is recovering well.

Have been busy back at work which has been hectic as it’s still a novelty to be dining outside🤔😁We have been preparing,making and serving food to the masses and it’s been exciting and exhausting!!
So with the exhaustion I decided to leave my job as a chef to pursue other dreams!
I thought I would leave soon like in a week. But had a change of heart when the owner fought for me and offered me a great deal.

So now I will take some holidays and leave more secure in September.
I feel better and more at peace about it. When I made the decision a part of me felt like I was running away.
I have been doing some work with my 12-year-old and some fears resurfaced that I got to work through in therapy.
My shy vulnerable 12 years old often wants to run away from situations.
In this sense, I can make a decision quickly when often what is needed is time and space.
I’m excited about the future. I start college in September and have some business ideas to try to get up and running too.

In the past month, our community,my friends here has been shocked once again by someone’s death by suicide.
The actual sudden death of someone who appears to be young and healthy is hard but this way feels so so more shocking.
It’s breathtaking and unimaginable upon hearing the news. I feel so much empathy for anyone who knows someone who has died in this way. It’s a heavy thud of grief.
Her death has also taught me that death is closer than we think.
We sometimes feel and live like it’s far off but it’s not. We imagine those old and sick will die first but this is not true. I think in the past year we have all learned this.
Death is not the end. I have changed my entire thinking on it since Star went and Rachel and now Saskia.
My heart believes trusts even,that they all live on.
Just not in their earthly bodies.🙏

Recently I celebrated 900 days sober from alcohol. Also nicotine and drugs. So so happy to be on this path. I don’t miss anything about having a drink! Nothing. It’s a miracle!!
I know I am one drink away at any time from changing that.
One “oh sure I can control my drinking” and for me, that would be very destructive.
I am proud of myself. For what feels like forever feeling proud and good about myself felt wrong. Like it wasn’t allowed or it should be doused in shame!But fuck it feeling good about yourself and your achievements and getting through this pandemic should be shouted out and celebrated in all the rainbow colours!!!
One day at a time is all we have.
Keep Shining and thanks for reading!


Beautiful poppy in my garden!
A beautiful message for me😊
With my Dad and my good friend and Sister😁🥰
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Coming Home

Just 16 days into my sobriety I reached out to a somatic therapist whose small flyer I saw at the place I worked at the time. It was on the notice board that I placed many posters on and took many down myself and well never noticed it before!!
It amazes me how quickly I reached out. From the flyer which was more like what you might imagine being an osteopath advert(it included a picture of a spine) I just felt this would be for me. A different kind of therapy than the usual talk kind.
One month and one day after giving up alcohol nicotine and weed, I went to my first session. And I’ve been going weekly ever since.
I believe I am a testament to therapy working. And I believe in this kind of therapy being so so beneficial for those who have suffered trauma.
I had a huge revelation lately that I wanted to share here and it was this.
When I was young it felt like something bad was inflicted upon me and it got stuck someplace in my body.. it manifested in various ways but mostly in ways of me feeling bad about myself through no fault of my own. This is not just something I feel, I know others who have been abused may identify with it also.
I have never been able to put it into such words before alas because I feel like it came from a place of feeling into my power. Sitting right into that strength in my own body feeling. Which is very new to me despite how I may appear to carry myself!
You see I am letting all that shit go, all that bad. It was never mine to carry around and carry for so so long. It has not and is not a decision I came to as in”I have decided to let it go and therefore I can”!
If only it was that simple then it would be long gone!!
No, my freedom is coming from the very thing that the trauma was done against and felt stuck in. My freedom is coming from my own body and my own power.
Not my mind from lack of thoughts or from time healing anything nope…But from my body where I feel and felt everything. I can finally say well shout actually fucking ROAR even
“I am coming home” to myself AND my body feels like it is becoming a WHOLE body again. Not cut off anymore.
The hard work is paying off. The uncomfortableness, squirminess, shamefulness, the sitting it out and reaching right down into it and not fucking running away is paying off. The hours spent on the sofa the hours spent driving with a dread in my belly sometimes to and from is paying off!
Loving myself and embracing myself through this process has been the biggest test. When all the ugly truths came up and continue to come up, staying with it is so so tough. But I am learning it’s possible and worth it.
I am very lucky and very thankful to have found my therapist. A safe person and a safe space. I can truly be myself in tears or in laughter and not feel judged in any way. My higher power has truly provided for me. I wish this for everyone who is searching for a therapist right now and I wish you so so well on your journey.
Thank you for reading and keep shining.🙏🌈💞

Love this quote ❤
Be patient with you💞

On Endings.2

I did seek and hope to find love in lockdown on a dating app!!
I found someone in another country half the world away about to move here!
I wanted to write about what I learned about myself throughout the 4 months.
All I can write about is myself as per all my posts.

My feelings are big and often intense, and there is nothing wrong with that!!
Trust is harder for me in a relationship if I’m lied too at all. But I’ve learned I will try and forgive and move on trust again and give another chance to something I thought could work.

Before in a relationship, I would always blow off some steam by consuming alcohol or smoke or both, being in recovery means I don’t want to chose to do this. When things did get difficult I did think about having a drink of course. I understand now why they say in the programme not to have a romantic relationship for your first two years sober,it is sound advice.

I needed to find ways to breathe and have space in other ways, set boundaries and have those boundaries respected.
I’ve learned that I am open to the possibility of love.
I am brave and strong and willing to believe one day I might meat someone again.
I can show up, be intimate and vulnerable.
I am 100% not perfect nor ever like being told I am.
I am capable of being the first person to say sorry.
I do not like a conflict in any way and I will want to run far away from it. More work needed here for sure!
I am willing to put my own needs first even if that means hurting another person. Which is huge for me.
Being so close with someone for this length of time and sober means I am going to miss them. I’m allowing all these feelings and trying not to judge myself for any of them.

I am proud of myself for not drinking throughout this experience. Would have been so wasteful.
My recovery is the most important thing.
I am thankful for all I have learned and for being open to learning and loving.
Thanks for reading.

Keep shining🙏🌈💖

One of my favourites!
Yes to this!
Knowing how to hold space is so very important!

800 Days!!!!

Today we celebrate our patron Saint of Ireland St.Patrick!
However we are still under a level 5 lockdown so will be no actual parades, no drinking in pubs and so on.
Not drinking in a pandemic is hard. So today is just another day for me. It is hard because as is the same for most people all the normal things in life do not exist right now like work, travelling to see family, seeing friends, going to the gym or swim. All the supports that had been put in place. So other supports have had to be found to stay sober.
Breaking up has also been so so hard. Still feeling and going through the pain of that right now. And what I’ve found I can do about it is nothing. Like everything else just have to go through it. What I have had to remind myself is my feelings are valid. I tend to sometimes lessen my feelings because in this situation it was my choice. But it doesn’t matter, the pain and the hurt is no greater or less. It cannot be measured. I have to forgive myself and feel all the feelings surrounding this loss and not pick up a drink.
I have thought about alcohol more than ever. It is the numbing effect I crave. I have had to choose daily to stay sober. Remind me of all the hard work that I have done to get here. Here being to know me this much, to know myself in this body and not to hate it. I read recently “your body is your ally build it up don’t knock it down and treat it with kindness”

I have now had 800 days in a row of no drink, drugs or nicotine. Even if I do sometimes think about drinking this really is the best life. My best life. I really love being sober and present. The feelings might be tough at times but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

I’ve been doing a lot of work in therapy recently with my inner child. Letting them know they are safe now. Taking their hand walking, sometimes carrying them through past trauma. I never realised how vital this work is until now. I guess it is mothering my inner child maybe befriending them too. It maybe sounds cliched to some and that’s okay. But for me its work I need to do to stay sober, to feel safe, to live fully in my body. I have now been going to somatic therapy for two years. Probably over 100 sessions! That’s dedication! Mostly I want to go, although last week I did not. Sometimes showing up to do the work is exhausting and I feel a bit resentful. So I show up and tell my therapist this and cry and get it out. And I don’t always feel better afterwards but I always feel like I’ve worked on something that has needed time. And in therapy, it is the time its the one hour a week I can be so so vulnerable and safe. I’m thankful to have found a great therapist that I can safely do the work with. How precious.

Taking my child by the hand..

I’m meditating daily and I do still try to do a 5km a day walk. Both help me so so much to stay grounded, mindful, thankful for all I have, healthy and to breathe more easily. I have also done a lot of nothing in the past week. I have had to be still and just feel it all. Sometimes this is the hardest thing and sometimes I’m self-critical and tell myself to get up and get out and stop crying!! However, we can NOT pick and chose when we feel grief and for what(it could be really old like intergenerational for example) It’s so important to be gentle with ourselves… Grief comes like waves. It does not care about how much time has passed…
I hope as you read this YOU are well and thank you for reading.

Keep Shining🙏🌈💚

Learning to swim

Walking Amidst the Trees

The Struggle Is Real.

Getting sober is one thing but staying sober is another.

And staying sober during a pandemic is another

Right now I’m finding it tough.
I have had many urges to get wasted recently.
I have cried myself to sleep with the pain of grief and letting go.
I am healing and its hard and vulnerable.
Part of me does want to run away and numb it all you know?

When the majority of people think someone is so hero-like, but to you they where someone who hurt you, that is so tough.
My truth is not reflected back to me.

This requires so much self-love and care. To NOT take it on board and NOT feel shame and blame around it.
And in those times I do feel shame and blame around it to just feel it, allow it and process it.

In therapy, it feels like going over the same stuff sometimes. The same trauma. However, it is different because of its different layers and each time I am trusting my body more and more. It knows what to do and what it needs to do. Somatic work is huge and I continue to learn what it means each time I show up.
So much letting go recently in my life and its challenging and feels raw.

I just checked on my app and today its 780 days of not drinking or smoking anything. It is a huge achievement. And one I needed to read just now.
I can’t go to a real AA meeting in person but I know I need to go to an online one. Pull in on all the resources that I still have available.
I’m writing this for those struggling today. I am too.
And I see you and all I can say is just hold on for today because that is what I’m going to do.
My truth and my voice(just like yours) are just as important now as then when I couldn’t speak up and out.
I am learning and growing in my power amid all the tears and pain, healing is happening.

I am thankful to have the Fairy Woods close.

Thanks for reading

*Keep Shining* 🙏🌈💖

On Endings

Recently I’ve learned that we don’t get the justice we think we deserve or even imagine. 

I was shocked recently to find out about the sudden death of someone who had a huge impact on my whole life. Huge impact meaning traumatic impact. My abuser.

Over the past two years, I’ve been working hard on staying sober and delving deep into that trauma.

Part of that was picturing what justice looked liked for me. 

The sudden death of my abuser meant the loss of everything I had still planned.

I had such a deep sense of grieve for my child. They had to let all of that go. Find a way to be with this new reality. And my adult self had to find a way to tell her it was okay.

I had thoughts of “what if I had gotten sober quicker and I could have spoken up and out sooner”..basically blaming myself for taking so long. 

This self-blame is my old self. Tied up in shame for not being able to speak up has always been something I’ve had trouble dealing with. Shame is squirmy in the body it makes it doubly hard to speak about because of that. It is one big reason I kept drinking.

 I certainly know now that it was not my fault and I have no part in the blame for what happened. 

So already this is the year of endings. I am learning so much with this one. 

I’ve had such wonderful support from a few who know the situation and I’m very grateful for that support and those words. I’m grateful I have a therapist who I can be myself with. 


Innocence was not lost

It was not stolen

I put it in the tress

That leaned over me 

And asked them to mind it

Until you had finished 

I’m learning that there is learning in everything as long as you are living. And for me living means being drink and drug free.

I’m enjoying seeing more light in the evenings and the cold dry weather. Spring is in the air.

The comfort of the trees nearby. 

Taking things very much still one day at a time. 

Keep Shining!

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Two Years Free!!

My sober 45 year old self!

So today its two years now since I quit alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana too!
When I read other people days,months and years I’m always so amazed and like WOW that’s a lot of days together. But when I see mine in my app I’m not so amazed and in awe! I’m not sure why but I have some ideas. Us Irish and maybe not just the Irish are not good at celebrating their achievements and taking praise or compliments. For example when someone comments on an item of clothing we brush it off and say “ah sure it was only cheap from such and such a shop”!!
I feel like Catholic Ireland has always taught me and us that pride is a sin!! So maybe that’s why I find it difficult to feel pride in myself.
But what does feeling proud of oneself feel like? What is the sensation in the body?
A month into my recovery like I’ve written before I found myself a therapist to work with. Not a talk therapist but a somatic one. So I try describe sensations in the body..So for me, pride feels like light. Its a feeling of being relaxed in my body,warm and spacious. Being sober also gives me these feelings. Drinking made me heavy inside and a feeling of being suffocated. So did smoking but I think that’s more to do with the fact I was suffocating my lungs. Today I can certainly say I am breathing more easily.

Two years in one day at a time I have not found it all easy going no. I’ve had to get real and dig deep into all the stuff I numbed with my addictions..This is an ongoing process and necessary one. Layers exist. Sometimes layers exist around the same issue and when I think I have dealt with something enough, another layer will become clear. This is the showing up. This is the driving weekly to therapy a 90 min round trip. I am thankful for this journey. It has given me so so much, some of which I will share now.

I have a 12 step programme. One that’s tried tested and works if it’s worked at! I find this extremely beneficial as the way the 12 Steps are structured gives me a purpose. Also means I now have a sponsor whom I can ask to help me with the programme. Step 8 is “made a list of all persons we had harmed,and became willing to make ammends. This is important to me. To my recovery and peace of mind. As are all 12 steps…

I have a hangover free body and mind every single morning I wake up. I am not sick with drink anymore ever. This is one of my favourite things about being sober. I was sick of feeling sick. Now I’m free in myself..its the biggest reward.

I have and am attempting to pay my debt. It feels wonderful to be able to pay bills on time. It feels wonderful to be able to treat myself and my loved ones. Before I would always have a choice to make, pay the bill or part of it and fund my addiction. That does not happen now.

I’m not running away anymore. Before I ran away alot. Now I try my best to face everything. Not all at once but little by little step by step… being vulnerable is a strength. Not a weakness.

At the start of therapy, it was suggested i gather things together that i like to do that are beneficial. I draw on these resources when i need them which is daily.
They have kept me sober and sane.
Swimming is one of them and now with the pool closed for Level 5, I will have to use other resources. Unless i want to swim in the very cold lake!!!
That’s life in pandemic times. We don’t know what will happen next but I know I have many resources to draw upon. This writing being another one. Which I don’t need anything for really. A pen and paper I guess and a laptop and internet if I want to share via my blog.

Walking is another one and thankfully can still do that. Sadly without my beloved Star who I miss every day still. She was a joy giver, especially on walks with her stick carrying antics! Walking can be so boring now!! So I’ve got myself a pair of Bluetooth headphones and started listening to podcasts or music. This helps me. Star is still with us always in our hearts never to be forgotten. So lucky to have had a dog so perfect!!

Reading would be another resource I use daily. I do like to read other peoples stories on how they got and stayed sober. Some of my favourites are: The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Grey, Recovery by Russell Brand and Glorious Rock Bottom by Bryony Gordon.
I also read The Big Book from AA and The Twelve Steps and 12 Traditions.
I will read whatever I find hopeful and helpful so it’s varied and wide!!
And of course, I read other stuff too that is not about not drinking!! Untamed By Glennon Doyle was a recent favourite and I highly reccomend it.

Another resource I want to write about is meditation.
This one helps me the most. It takes me back to the here and now. It takes me to my breath to the oneness of stillness. Quiets the mind and makes me feel still and full of calmness throughout my whole body.
I use a free app called Insight Timer and would highly recommend it. So much goodness contained in one app!! I need to meditate daily. Some days I don’t but when I do it daily,it only adds to my day. It is true for meditation what they also say about swimming “you never regret it”!!

Finally seeing and hearing other peoples journeys is so encouraging to me. Without other people sharing their own story I’m not sure I would be getting through mine. So for those on their journeys and casting out their light, I thank you so so much. You are an inspiration to me and I see you!!

This is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite authors Brene Brown which feels appropriate here.

“If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in or open to your feedback. There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never be brave with their own lives, but will spend every ounce of energy they have hurling advice and judgement at those of us trying to dare greatly. Their only contributions are criticism, cynicism, and fear-mongering. If you’re criticizing from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in your feedback”

One day at a time. They will and do all add up.

Keep shining.🙏🌈💖

Walking in the Jauary sunshine!
My favourite prayer


Death by suicide leaves the people left behind asking a ton of questions.
I’m writing this because a month ago a good friend took her own life. The shock of hearing the news was something I never felt before. It hit me in the chest like a punch to the heart.
I wanted to fall to the ground and scream NO with my legs in the air like a child would have a tantrum about how unfair life is.
With the shock came disbelief. Is she gone? Can it really be that person? Must check the RIP online website refresh it refresh, still nothing can it be true then?
I reached out to someone who also knew Rachel. The news was true…

The next day we gathered. Made an alter. We lit candles around her picture. We each said goodbye in our own way with a song, a poem, a few words on what she meant to us. And Rachel meant a lot to so so many. She was/is a beautiful soul. I feel very lucky to have met her a couple of years ago that day I was waiting for an interview in the community cooperative. She walked in with her two kids and looked around and then said hello. What are you doing/waiting for she said?!! She asked me to keep an eye on her kids as she forgot something in her car!! This was Rachel. So trusting and so friendly so quickly! If she saw you she saw you and she told you and that was it!! A friendship was formed. We enjoyed some lovely times together since our first meeting that day. I will cherish them always.
I still question now two months later if I could have done more, been more, said more, known more…these are the questions suicide leaves behind for all. I know its collective and I know its grief.
Grief is hard in the body. It manifests in such a way that you feel like you can’t breathe. Like what’s inside is too heavy. Too much. Too unbearable. I think they say time can be a great healer because with time the grief has space.

Wishing arch in fairy woods now with a tribute for our friend Rachel

I’m fortunate to have that time to heal. Sadly my friend does not. I know she felt things a lot so I guess what she was feeling was too much and she couldn’t find a way to cope. I can’t ask her sadly. I listen to her voice notes. I listened to them a lot in the beginning. I think listening to her helped with the grief. Either way, it was just good to hear her voice. Alive.

So I did ask her for a sign. A sign that she was okay. And I believe I got some. Since Star(our dog)passed on there has always been a robin close by every time I go out. The day after I asked Rachel for a sign there has been two robins! Also the other evening in a small town close to home I was driving home from therapy. Rachel was on my mind so much and I saw the most amazing shooting star. Like a silver fireball falling across the sky.
It was so beautiful just like my friend.

So my urge to numb has been real. But i have not. Instead I’ve talked and gone to AA meetings more. I’ve taken the love I’ve been shown and wrapped it around me like a blanket of healing.
This is living and this is living with whatever happens.
This will be my second Christmas sober.
One day at a time.
712 days together.
Life is hard for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.
I think collectively we need to remember this.
Keep shining your light. Others see it and need it.

Also let your own voice be kind to yourself.

And breathe breathe breathe…..

An inspiration quote that i love!
Beautiful Robin let me take a picture!

Finding my light…

When I was in my twenties I did find a way to not drink for some time. I was introduced to AA by a friend who saw my drinking as a problem.
I got involved with all aspects of its active service and so on. I loved the community aspect of it that it felt like having a family. I do not remember ever having a real connection to my body at that time. In a lot of ways, it felt like someone else’s life, to be honest, and that I was going through the motions. I wanted to fit in, to be a better Mum, person, friend and so on. It was very little to do with myself.
I’m not sure how long I lasted I think it was maybe 18 months. It is 20 years ago now! I can’t recall exactly what happened but I can say for certain that I picked up the first drink.

That one drink led to drinking on and off for another 20 years. When I write that down it amazes me because I see how very little control I had over it.
All of my drinking after that was in the full knowledge that I had a problem and yet I couldn’t seem to stop or I didn’t have enough willpower too. So I tried different ways to control it. Only drinking at weekends, drinking stout, drinking beer or wine or cider. Only drinking from a certain time in the evening. Which drink can I feel less sick with sore with function better on? Which drink can I present myself to the world on… I believe its called a functioning alcoholic.

It did not get any better the more time went on. I had many rock bottoms and continued to drink. I drove on drink, tried to shoplift alcohol and was caught. I lost many jobs because of my inability to keep good time. One job I drank the night before I started a brand new job. I went to the pub for two pints to unwind the nerves(the stories we tell ourselves!) and be home early. Of course, I could not stop after two. I was way too hungover and sick to go to the job and so I lost it. I remember I attended a funeral where whiskey was served. I mostly managed to stay away from spirits but not that evening. I drank some and then some more. Eventually, I blacked out. I woke up on my sofa half-naked and with a black eye not remembering what had happened. Nobody had hurt me only myself that time.

I need to remember these times. This is what one drink led to and this is only what I’m comfortable sharing here. . Alcohol enabled me to function but never live. I was only living for the next drink and that’s the sad truth. With the drink came nicotine and marijuana when I could get it. I loved being comfortably numb…I was consumed. And it allowed me to shut off from any trauma I was still feeling or not wanting to feel in my body. I did not know that at the time but I have learned and now understand it better. For the last couple of years of my drinking Id had enough.

My body had had enough. I had turned 40. No matter what I drank it almost always refused to stay in my body. Such a waste of alcohol I thought then.My liver hurt. Everything hurt. I would be out of breath waking up my stairs to bed. I had a persistent cough and even took an asthmatic inhaler at times to help me breath. As much as I tried to ignore my body as it was screaming out I was sick of feeling sick. Things got in the way for a while…A wedding, a birthday party a Christmas! How could I ever get sober before any of these occasions?

I began to notice certain people. The sober people I hadn’t noticed before. I saw them even on social media and I saw their light and I wanted that. They shone and they didn’t hide the fact that they didn’t drink. For so long I thought there was shame in the not drinking that it had to keep a secret. The shame was all caught up in the drinking, not in the stopping drinking!!
Christmas 2018 I tried to drink a little as possible. I failed. I drank at some stage and it carried over for a few days.

But on January 5th 2019 something happened. The easiest way to describe it is this.
Step One: Admitted we were powerless over alcohol that our lives had become unmanageable. When I did this step I believed in it so I also included nicotine and the green stuff. Why would I want to hold onto either addiction? So I admitted I was powerless of all of it.
Step Two: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Step Three: Decided to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him
I always believed in the existence of a God so step two and three from the 12 steps were workable for me. Whatever it is about turning my life over to the care of a higher power it has worked for me as I have not picked up a drink since that day. Recently I have started praying again more. For different people mainly and myself. Sometimes well often it is the only thing I can do. And I find solace in the that. A lot has been taken away during this pandemic but prayer remains and I find it hopeful. I also find it hopeful that it feels like I got another chance. The chance I didn’t fully take that I was not ready for in my twenties came around again. In between I managed to not die,not kill anyone or end up in prison and so on. Sure I have amends to make I made mistakes that cost. I wish I’d done better and so on. But I was suffering and only able to do what I could at that time.

Forgiveness is a big part of recovery going forward. Feeling into that not being consumed by guilt and forgiving myself. Recognising Allow Investigate and Nurture is a great resource I’ve been using by Tara Brach an amazing author and meditation teacher.
I’m greatly encouraged still by people I’ve grown closer to in recovery those who continue to shine there light and live there best lives too.
I like the idea of shining my light out now that I’m finding it.
Hoping as you read this your light is glowing.
Shine on

Shine On

650 Days Free!!!

The light coming in….

Today i feel more free and light then i ever have before.

I feel like I am coming home to myself and that is not an easy thing for me to say without a part of me wanting to laugh at how ridiculous it sounds. That part is only protecting me and only recently did I realise that.

For so long I numbed my pain and with that my joy and my light. Feeling my pain,dealing with my past has allowed me to let the light in too!!!

I have continued to see my somatic therapist weekly to work through a lot of issues. My issues are mostly around shame and blame. I have held onto them in my body for way to long and found unhealthy ways to not cope!! This is the hardest work. Sometimes I want to run away. Sometimes during the sessions i feel physically ill. This is the work that allows the cracks to appear to let the light in. And let the light out.

Last month i celebrated my 45th Birthday. It was my 2nd Birthday completely sober. I do not remember having been able to do anything last year. I was like a new born baby having to wrap myself up in a soft cotton blanket and really really mind myself. This year was a small window of opportunity right around the time of my birthday to do something in between what has now become level 3 lock down and no leaving the county again!!

I booked my first ever hand poked tattoo by an amazing artist in Dublin and planned to maybe go to old home town,see family and see as many friends as possible..The thing about sobriety is you can do whatever you want. You are never too hungover to do it!! I felt brave enough to drive into Dublin City centre for the first time.Usually i would get the bus or train.Mostly so i could have a drink on the way. I felt really proud of myself for doing this new thing.For sitting in traffic by the river liffey and not freaking out and for knowing yeah i got this!!

Having a hand poked tattoo on my birthday eve was an amazing experience. I have something on my skin that feels like its always been there and its to represent Star. It felt like my skin was being embroidered!! It is a lot less painful and the healing time is so quick!!

Birthday Ink!

After i had my ink i went to my favourite doughnut shop and bought vegan doughnuts for me and my friend who i would see later. I walked around for a while…ate a burrito probably the best one id ever tasted. I bought myself a beautiful bottle of perfume that smells like oak and the sea and aliveness. Smelled exactly how i felt.

I did exactly what i wanted and went exactly where i needed to go. I felt uneasy about going into certain environments so I didnt. My choices may have caused some disappointment but that is okay. I have realised in sobriety that your sobriety has to come first. Dont risk it to please others and do as they want. The outcome may make them happy but how will you be after.

On the actual day of my birthday i went out for lunch with 3 friends. Two of them id usually see over the summer camping but because of covid we couldnt have that particular camp. One of them has been sober for almost 25 years!! She is a legend to me!! I find such inspiration in her.She is a light that shines and says hey i done it so can you. Our lunch was amazing the food too. Laughter. Belly aching laughter you know. Real deep down to the core joy. It was one of my favourite days. I received cards and gifts too which added more special!! One was a book signed by one of my favourite authors Jeanette Winterson how very lucky I am!!!

I share all this because in a short enough time of 650 days i do believe now anything is possible.

My heart is open to the endless possibilities 🙂

Yes we are in a pandemic and things are not normal. But if you are sober or trying to get sober just mind that the rest will follow. I was supposed to start a college course this year on Development and Global Human Rights Studies but due to the lack of numbers the cancelled it. I am dissapointed sure but i have the tools to deal with it. This is still my best life. I cannot control most things only how i react. 650 days in its still the same “Dont pick up the first drink” or drug. Still “one day at a time” Still “Let Go and Let God” and “Keep It Simple”!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I wish you well on your journey.

Keep Shining


45 years old me!!
Some special cards!
Balloons from my son Luke!!
Mmmm doughnuts!!!