Death by suicide leaves the people left behind asking a ton of questions.
I’m writing this because a month ago a good friend took her own life. The shock of hearing the news was something I never felt before. It hit me in the chest like a punch to the heart.
I wanted to fall to the ground and scream NO with my legs in the air like a child would have a tantrum about how unfair life is.
With the shock came disbelief. Is she gone? Can it really be that person? Must check the RIP online website refresh it refresh, still nothing can it be true then?
I reached out to someone who also knew Rachel. The news was true…

The next day we gathered. Made an alter. We lit candles around her picture. We each said goodbye in our own way with a song, a poem, a few words on what she meant to us. And Rachel meant a lot to so so many. She was/is a beautiful soul. I feel very lucky to have met her a couple of years ago that day I was waiting for an interview in the community cooperative. She walked in with her two kids and looked around and then said hello. What are you doing/waiting for she said?!! She asked me to keep an eye on her kids as she forgot something in her car!! This was Rachel. So trusting and so friendly so quickly! If she saw you she saw you and she told you and that was it!! A friendship was formed. We enjoyed some lovely times together since our first meeting that day. I will cherish them always.
I still question now two months later if I could have done more, been more, said more, known moreā€¦these are the questions suicide leaves behind for all. I know its collective and I know its grief.
Grief is hard in the body. It manifests in such a way that you feel like you can’t breathe. Like what’s inside is too heavy. Too much. Too unbearable. I think they say time can be a great healer because with time the grief has space.

Wishing arch in fairy woods now with a tribute for our friend Rachel

I’m fortunate to have that time to heal. Sadly my friend does not. I know she felt things a lot so I guess what she was feeling was too much and she couldn’t find a way to cope. I can’t ask her sadly. I listen to her voice notes. I listened to them a lot in the beginning. I think listening to her helped with the grief. Either way, it was just good to hear her voice. Alive.

So I did ask her for a sign. A sign that she was okay. And I believe I got some. Since Star(our dog)passed on there has always been a robin close by every time I go out. The day after I asked Rachel for a sign there has been two robins! Also the other evening in a small town close to home I was driving home from therapy. Rachel was on my mind so much and I saw the most amazing shooting star. Like a silver fireball falling across the sky.
It was so beautiful just like my friend.

So my urge to numb has been real. But i have not. Instead I’ve talked and gone to AA meetings more. I’ve taken the love I’ve been shown and wrapped it around me like a blanket of healing.
This is living and this is living with whatever happens.
This will be my second Christmas sober.
One day at a time.
712 days together.
Life is hard for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.
I think collectively we need to remember this.
Keep shining your light. Others see it and need it.

Also let your own voice be kind to yourself.

And breathe breathe breathe…..

An inspiration quote that i love!
Beautiful Robin let me take a picture!

One Day At a Time.. Especially Now!!

Been an age since i last wrote here and felt inspired with everything going on right now. Well mainly with this pandemic. Every thing feels different,unsure, uncertain, unknown right?

Right now im glad i have 14 months sobriety and mostly i feel strong in myself emotionally, mentally and physically. If i began to think about all the unknowns around this pandemic than sure my head will spin out of control and go down an unhealthy rabbit hole.That does not mean i dont give myself the space to fell what im feeling i just try to do so in my body and not my mind. For example am i fearful of not being able to work for a while due to the cafes and so on all being closed? Yes i feel fear around it and so i allow it. Recognize. Then i investigate where its coming from? Well i like to work i like to go to work get out of the house, keep busy, make some money and so on. But its temporary. Maybe another job will come up during this time doing something else or maybe i will create one. But i know i dont need to worry and fret about it. Im thankful i get government support when unemployed so financially can keep going.

While i wasent much for socializing in the way others maybe do there was some things that i had started to enjoy.Going to one AA meeting a week had become something of a routine and something i found solace in. I find it comforting to find other people did and behaved in similar ways with no control over it..I have tried an AA online just once but i didnt enjoy it so clicked out of the meeting.I feel socially awkward even online it seems. However i tried it once and and maybe the meeting just wasent for me and so i will try one again and maybe it will work out fine.

Every Monday for the past 13 months ive been gong to somatic therapy. This has helped me stay sober and to love and respect myself at a whole new level. Its been the most hard work but the most worthwhile. Its been body changing and life affirming. I no longer see or feel myself in the same light. So last week i was meant to have my first session online but i was sick so didn’t feel i had the energy for it. This week il try again.Sure i have fear around it working.Around being able to be fully present in my body online but if i dont try then i will lose out and the flow that was worked so hard for may be lost until who knows when.

Life has never been more so about adjusting and even more so about accepting. For the past 14 months during sobriety i have tried so much to live life only in the day.To be sober and not take a drink or drug just for today. And now i feel everyone is having a lesson in this. Sure routines and work and more are all spun on there heads. And we dont know for how long. But its collective. Now some may chose to turn to drink or drugs at this time but for me that choice would be detrimental. When all this eases i want to still be sober.I want to have not picked up a drink.

So i have added some new routines. I make sure i write in diary everyday for a t least 10 mins free flow. I’ve started online QIQong and i love it. The ease and flow of it really suits me and if you have not heard of it or tried it please do. A friend of mine does meditation online every eve at 7pm and i join that when i can… I dont do these things for doing something. Because i firmly believe in doing nothing also and i dont believe that doing nothing is lazy. WE all must look after our mental health in whatever way works for us. I do them because i can. I have a home thats safe. Electricity and internet that allows me too. I have so much to be thankful for.

Its important for me to make some things during theses times that are not different that are sure,certain and known. Daily.

Thanks for reading and stay well.